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Do you prefer to handle your move on your own, but want to avoid stairs? Our lift services will get you there. They are the ideal option for effortlessly bridging height differences. Our scissor lifts can even reach the seventh floor and can be hired for the entire day. Below, you can see which lift best suits your situation.
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During the lift service, our operator oversees the entire process, but is not involved in the actual moving. If you’d like additional helping hands, you can request an extra member of our team.

Moving lift

A moving lift can easily be set up and dismantled. Ideal for buildings with a lot of space in front. Pleasant and smooth moving guaranteed. Ergonomic design. Can reach up to the ninth floor.

2.85 m (h) x 2.30 m (w) x 2.50 t (g)

Ladder hoist

For hard-to-reach places with limited height or width (e.g. low access roads or rear gardens). Compact & easy to use. Can reach up to the fifth floor.

2.05 m (h) x 1.35 m (w)

Scissor lift

JM7 opbouwlift
For the most inaccessible places. (Half) day rental possible. Easy to operate by yourself following our instructions. Can reach up to the second floor.

Not applicable

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