Get your reusable moving supplies

When you choose our moving company, you not only get a smooth and professional service, but you also contribute to a better environment. That is made possible with our reusable moving boxes and sustainable wrapping materials, which you can order in our web shop. With our boxes, we save an average of 300 to 600 kg of cardboard on a yearly basis. They are suitable for safely moving small items such as books, cooking pots and glass kitchenware.
30 boxes, 1 roll container & 30 labels
(per week)
60 boxes, 2 roll containers & 60 labels
(per week)
90 boxes, 3 roll containers & 90 labels
(per week)
For € 15.00 you can have the boxes delivered to your home, but you can also pick them up and bring them back to us free of charge in Destelbergen. One moving box costs a single euro per week. You can also order them in packs of 30, 60 or 90 pieces. Buy your moving box here and help create a greener world.

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